WellSpring Hot Tub Water Care System

Pure, Clear Water is Easy

Crystal clear water is easy with Bullfrog Spas’ Wellspring water care system. This efficient water purification system is designed to help you maintain crystal clear water in your hot tub without the worries. Working in conjunction with the appropriate sanitizing agents, the Wellspring hot tub filtration system both filters and purifies your spa water so you can relax without worry.

Bullfrog Spas employ a dual filter system for maximum filtration. WellSpring filters use Microban technology to assist with the elimination of unwanted contaminants. These filters are designed to maximize filtration without impeding flow while they trap micro-particles from your water. Filters are easy to access for periodic cleaning.

Easy water care…

Simple Hot Tub Water Care System



No Water Left Unturned

100% of the water in a Bullfrog Spa goes through the dual filter WellSpring Filtration System in each filtration cycle. This even includes the water behind each JetPak. To ensure that every drop of water in a Bullfrog Spas is pure, special circulation jets are installed on the back of every JetPak to circulate the water even more completely than conventional spas. This attention to detail in water purification ensures that all areas of your Bullfrog Spas stay fresh and clean.

In addition, since Bullfrog’s JetPak Therapy System is a more efficient hydraulic technology, your spa’s water is turned over (cleaned) more than 10 times as frequently as the industry standard with less energy used in the process.

100% water circulation…

Efficient Filtration, Less Noise

Bullfrog Spas’ WellSpring Filtration Pump lets you filter your spa water without noise or high costs. This quiet and vibration-free circulation pump is more than 8 times as effective at filtering spa water than standard circulation pumps. The more times your water goes through the filter, the cleaner your water. Moving 35 gallons (130 liters) per minute, this pump can push every ounce of water through the dual filters many times per day.

Since the WellSpring Filtration Pump is more effective than the standard pump, it can do the job of keeping your water clean in significantly fewer operating hours. This leads to an average savings of 60% in filtration energy costs (6,060 gallons per kilowatt vs. 3,480 gallons per kilowatt). Because the pump is larger, it will also operate cooler and more efficiently.In addition to it’s impressive power and efficiency the WellSpring Pump operates significantly quieter and with less vibration than other pumps used for hot tub filtration, perfect for spas near windows, on decks, or installed indoors.

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Chemistry You Can Count On

 Ozone is one the strongest water purifiers in the world. Ozone gas (active oxygen) is colorless and consists of three oxygen atoms.
Choose an optional WellSpring Ozone Purifier with your Bullfrog Spa to keep sparkling fresh spa water with less maintenance. Using ozone will also greatly reduce your chemical costs associated with maintaining clean and clear spa water.

Reduce your chemical use…

Precisely Accurate Heating

The WellSpring Heater in your Bullfrog Spa heats the water quickly and only when necessary. The heater uses patented M7 temperature and flow sensor technology for increased consistency and performance. The ultra-efficient and dependable WellSpring Heater System simply does the job of heating your hot tub water with reliability and without any effort or worry on your part.

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